Affirmations to improve Creative Problem Solving skills

We often program our minds with negative thoughts: "I can't do that", "that won't work", etc. You can convince yourself of these truths. You can just as easily program your mind with positive uplifting thoughts. Affirm that you are creative: I am a creative person. I am open and alert to new possibilities.

Your mind will believe what it tells itself. The first step is to affirm that you can do it. Let your mind tell itself it is capable. Remind yourself that you can, you will, or you are. With sincere belief and repetition, your mind will accept and believe it. It may be tough but with practice these affirmations will become self-realizing habits.
To become a better creative thinker, acknowledge and affirm that your fears can control you, then let them go. Replace them with positive affirmations. Replace problems with challenges and opportunities.

Affirming exercises
• Listen to yourself, really listen. Then talk back.
• Write down your negative affirmations and throw them away.
• Write down some positive affirmations and tape them to the refrigerator, mirror, dashboard, and telephone.

Sample affirmations
• I will acknowledge that my life has meaning.
• I will continue to respect and like myself.
• I will be optimistic and hopeful about my future - I look beyond just what is - to what could be.
• I will accept that I am worthwhile.
• I love my parents and appreciate their sacrifices for me, but I no longer need their approval to feel worthwhile.
• I no longer need approval from others to feel worthwhile.
• I will accept that each human is unique and deserves to be treated in an individual manner.
• I will be tolerant of those different from me.
• I will not harm others or their property.
• I will use my mind to think each challenge to its fullest.
• I will solve problems with innovation.
• I will solve problems with greater attention to detail.
• I will make decisions with intelligence.
• I will acknowledge the power of habits and conditioning - I will strive to break the crust of habit and push myself to experiment, explore, and grow.
• I will not settle for adequate, mediocre, good enough, or average in my work, thoughts, or relationships.
• I will be a participant and an activist to make things better; to contribute to the well-being of others.
• I will acknowledge that life can be unfair - I won't whine or bitch about it.
• I will live so that life is a joyous adventure.
• I learn from my mistakes.
• I see problems as challenges.
• I am open to new attitudes.
• I am creative, courageous, and capable.
• I experience life with open palms, not clenched fists.
• I will act more childlike but not childish.
• I won't let my fears control me - I will try new things, I will broaden my horizons.
• I will eat like my life depends on it.
• I will say I love you to my friends more often.
• I will take more chances.
• I will strive to better control my mental attitude - my attitude will then influence my behavior, and my behavior will influence my environment.
• I acknowledge that obstacles are perceived in my mind - I can deal with them in my mind.
• I can step over or around any barriers.
• I will experience the glory of laughter.

Affirmation recited by the motivational speaker, Tony Robbins, before he goes on stage:
I command my subconscious mind to direct me in helping as many people as possible today, by giving me the strength, the emotional persuasion, the humor, the brevity; whatever it takes to get them to change their lives now!