Renovations of 424 East 4th: 1995 and 2014

Fotos of the house before the renovation

Fotos taken during renovation

Open house

The 2004 bathroom remodel

The 2002 kitchen remodel



The 2014 exterior renovation: landscaping and the groj as a carport

I painted the inside of the garage to match the brick color and creating a darker interior. I removed the artwork (yes, I have art on the walls in the garage) towards the back so it would be less visible from the street. The goal was to minimize the prominence of an open garage when viewed from the street. I even painted the pulldown attic stairs to be less obvious.

The 2014 new hotub

The 2014 interior renovation
Goal: minimal, sleek, little detail
Influences: Denver art museum, MoMA, Dallas Museum of Art
Mix rustic with contemporary: charcoal grey walls, painted white cedar
• Demo: carpet, pad, door & window trim, crown molding, tin panels
• Refinish floor
• Install new simple trim
• Install angled wall cover: rough wood strips
• Spackle walls & trim
• Paint all: charcoal grey walls, white cedar slats
• Install grey outlet/switch plates
• Install carpet tiles
• Demo: trim, boxes, drywall, studs
• Install new recessed cabinet
• Clean, regrout existing tile
• Paint: white walls, ceiling, slats
• Demo: trim
• Install cedar slats
• Refinish kitchen pedestals, install new countertops
• Clean, regrout existing grey tile
• Install trim
• Paint: white walls, ceiling, slats